Latgawa's Successful Gray Foundation Grant Plans

October 18, 2017

Camp Latgawa has closed the books on a successful summer, and we have completed the requirements for our highly successful Gray Family Foundation matching grant program! Between volunteer hours and direct financial gifts, the camp has raised $17,965 toward this goal! The Gray Family Foundation will now kick in $35,000 to be used in specific maintenance projects. This will go a long way to toward the physical transformation of Latgawa. The transformation plan thus far:

Both bathhouses on site require complete interior renovations. The proposal begins with the Dining Hall bathhouse, as it receives the most traffic at Camp Latgawa; it serves the Dining Hall and four of the sleeping cabins.

Labor will be completed with help from volunteers, camp staff and professional contractors. We expect this project to cost approximately $40,000.

The remaining funds will be used to start renovations on the second bathhouse at Camp, following the same plans. The floor will be resurfaced and we will install new matching sinks with a counter. The existing showers will be replaced with proper shower stalls, removing the old wood partitions. Existing toilets will also be replaced with new, water efficient toilets. We will replace walls as needed.

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