Wallowa Lake Enthusiastically Witnesses Transformation!

October 18, 2017

Every year we are excited to hear campers’ stories about camp or to see campers’ experiencing God at this sacred place. Often, it is the little things that fill us with the most joy. There are several examples that we would like to lift up.

There was a man at Fishtrap Writer's Retreat who took a photo every day of the "Thought for the Day" board to send to his wife. He said, “It reminds me that I need to go back to church!” Or the woman at the business retreat who said coming to camp made her realize how far she'd strayed from her relationship with God. It was moving to see that same business group making prayer flags for the prayer flag line. We will remember the woman whose husband died last fall and who wanted to be at camp on their anniversary date so she wouldn't be alone and because camp is a place of comfort for her. Our favorite experience of camp is to see little kids playing in the babbling creek or older kids playing gaga ball or families doing relay races.

It is the things that are often missing in people's everyday lives that make camp such an important part of life.

People, at camp, experiencing God's love through hospitality, community, nature, silence, laughter, and prayer....what could be a better way to renew people to go out into the world to share the Good News of Jesus Christ?

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